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Praca konkursowa


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TENT LONDON – The Workspace Group – Urbantine project


Poniżej podaję pełny opis pracy konkursowej, niestety tylko w języku angielskim. Niestety dla nieanglojęzycznych powinny wystarczyć same obrazki. Na szczęście projekt „broni się sam”.

The digital era allows people to connect across vast distances in unprecedented ways. Information can be accessed with ease and spread rapidly around the globe. Online mediums, from email to instant messenger, have focused on aiding in communication.  However, they are limited in motivating physical social interaction and building trust and identity.
Is internet secluding us from social activities? What adjustments could be made to negotiate social interactions in a digital world?  Digital life and real life are inversely related. It’s up to us to balance between these two.
The even keel is a forum for asking questions, sharing ideas, developing strategies and discussing controversial issues.
It is a device for two or more people to playfully negotiate a balance in the shared physical space.
Participants will become aware of themselves and the others. They have come to understand how they can operate their bodies to convey thoughts. They convey aspects of themselves through a set of signals that others must learn to read and evaluate.  It alters the experience of the participants. It offers the participants the ability to become actively engaged with others rather than remaining passive listeners.


Ballance TEAM

  • Kimmi Lee,
  • Borys Izycki,
  • Adam Skiba,
  • Damian Maciejewski

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